What is a life group?

A Life Group is a gathering of fewer than 20 people who get together regularly for friendships, to grow in faith and to make an impact on their communities. A trained leader and host lead each group, and groups usually meet at the host's home. An average gathering lasts for an hour and a half to two hours. 

How often do groups meet?

Groups meet weekly during a spring and fall season. We build in breaks during January and the summer months to allow for some purposeful rest for our hosts and to work around the busy travel schedules of those seasons for most people. Some groups might still meet at times during these breaks for either more study or opportunity for fellowship. 

What curriculum do life groups use?

Pastor Dan (along with others who provide us with teaching on Sundays) provide groups with discussion questions based on the message from the past Sunday. Past sermons can be viewed here if you need to catch up. If you want to review the questions, they can be found on the main Life Groups page. 

We encourage groups to take on a life of their own, though, so they might choose to do something different suiting their people's situations, interests, or struggles. These might include studies on particular sections of the Bible, thematic or topical studies, or going through a more modern book on living the Christian life. 

Do life groups provide childcare?

Each Life Group and family works out their own child care. Sometimes it works best for families in the group to share a sitter on-site or at one member's home, while some members arrange childcare outside of their group.

How do I join a life group?

Joining a life group is simple: contact the church office at office@visitcrosspoint.com. You can do this either before or after taking a look at our leaders, times, and locations. As you begin to try out a new group, we encourage you to stick it out; however, finding the right fit can take some trial and error, so feel free to leave a group and find a new one if things aren't clicking after a while.